Enter Our Prairie Ridge Orthodontics Summer Selfie Contest!

We know you are going to have a great summer and we want to be a part of it! Our annual summer contest has officially begun! This year's theme is Prairie Ridge Orthodontics Summer Selfie!

All you have to do to enter is to take a selfie while on vacation (or staycation!) and post your selfie to our Facebook page and then get your friends to visit our page and "like" and "share" your selfie.

The patient with the most likes and shares combined on their selfie on our page will win a $100 gift card to Target. The second and third place winners will receive a $25 gift card to Target!

The contest ends August 15th. Good luck... we can't wait to see your selfies!

4 Responses to Enter Our Prairie Ridge Orthodontics Summer Selfie Contest!

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Liam says:

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Αⅼѕo νіѕіt
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