What Sets Us Apart

At Prairie Ridge Orthodontics, our focus is always on you: your individual orthodontic needs, your timeline, and your comfort. We treat our patients as members of our family, gently and respectfully, while providing professional and effective treatments that create healthy, beautiful smiles you can be proud of!

What makes Prairie Ridge Orthodontics unique?

Our Goals

  • We strive to get to know our patients personally to ensure their treatment experience meets their needs and exceeds their expectations.
  • We do our best to stay current on technology to make the patient experience up to date, and explain the best treatment options and recommendations.
  • Dr. Loveless has an excellent relationship with other local dental professionals and they will all work together on treatment plans and options for the best smile outcome possible.

Our Team

Dr. Jeff Loveless and our orthodontic team believe in establishing a one-to-one relationship with each patient and the family; we work with them to determine the best way to achieve the patient’s goals in an affordable and timely manner. We understand there is no one single way to create great oral health and straight teeth, so we offer a variety of treatment options, which we discuss with our patients, and encourage him or her to ask questions and develop an understanding of how treatment works.

Your Initial Consult

When you first visit us, for your complimentary consultation, you will see our emphasis on patient education. We will give you a tour of the office, explain the technologies we use, and talk about orthodontia: how it works, why it is important, and how having great oral health affects one’s overall health. We believe that an informed patient is an empowered patient. Together, we will work toward creating your new smile you can be proud of!

Comfort and Convenience

Our offices are warm and inviting, and filled with laughter. Because of the relationships with have with our patients, who really are our friends, we look forward to their visits as a time to catch up on their lives and to share a couple of jokes while adjustments are being made. Our patients tell us they look forward to their visits, and when we see them bouncing through our doors, excited to tell us about their latest adventure, we’re grinning right along with them.

We welcome inquiries about our orthodontic services and invite you to call with your questions and to schedule a complimentary consultation for your child or yourself. Please contact one of our conveniently located offices, in Owatonna and Zumbrota, MN, for more information.

Everyone at Prairie Ridge Orthodontics looks forward to welcoming you into our family and working with you to create excellent oral health and a smile you’ll love sharing with the world!

Monday - Thursday
7:30AM – 4PM
Friday, Saturday, Sunday